Our objective, in addition to exploration and production of our oil and gas fields, is to create a leading company focused on generating richness for the country, for the state of Tabasco and specifically for the communities and people in the surrounding areas. We strongly believe that our success goes hand in hand with the growth and prosperity of the communities that surround us and the people that live in them.

Part of our work is to help develop human capital in the local areas where we work; Improve their infrastructure, such as access roads, paths, and sidewalks in order to elevate the physical appearance and hence increase the value of homes in the surrounding area.

The future development of the mexican oil and gas industry will be dictated by how well prepared the next generation of students is and our drive to prepare them. Because of this, Perseus has pledged their support to various universities in the state of Tabasco, in order to create programs and internships to help increase the quality of student development in the oil and gas arena.

Additionally, Perseus will work with local communities to better their schools, supporting them with funds for improved infrastructure as well as health and wellness programs.

Perseus will also support communities with clinics, which will have the necessary resources to provide support to nearby hospitals.

It is in our interest to work and collaborate with communities and labor unions to achieve growth, prosperity and a positive environment, with motivated people looking to the future. To achieve this, constant communication is fundamental.

All mentioned above will be done with the Quality, Security, Environment and Health of communities always as a priority.